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Adaptive Consulting has launched free online courses, created with and hosted on our Odyssey Academy. We will be covering a number of current topics. Why don’t go and register for our FREE COURSES and also take the opportunity to try out our Odyssey LMS?

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Odyssey – Beyond Learning.  Odyssey provides a learning environment, as well as a Content Management System (CMS) that lets you add additional functionality such as real-time online assistance, artificial intelligence-based assistance, selling of courses online, and much much more.  You can even build a social network on Odyssey. The possibilities with Odyssey are truly endless.

Contact us to find out more about Odyssey and how we can help you.

Adaptive Consulting is a multidisciplinary professional services and software business that provides tailored solutions for:

  • Learning
  • Web
  • Graphics Design
  • Video Productions

Adaptive was founded on a “never say die” attitude. When confronted with any challenge, the question is never “can this be solved?”

The answer is always “Of course we can!”

Why Choose Adaptive

Here’s Why

Adaptive projects are built on top of three very easy to understand principles:

The Adaptive Philosophy: “Of course we can!” – We’ll approach your project with the same mindset as we approach our own. If it is possible, we’ll figure it out together.

The Adaptive Approach – an adaptive project process that starts with a simple step: Listening. To you.

The Adaptive Grid – a useful tool we use to build a project that fits your requirements, and your budget.

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