Modules: 3
Duration: 9hrs


Certificate of Origin Certification – Trade with success!

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The e-learning module Certify Certificates of Origin – Trade with Success, is aimed at coaching you on the basics and related concepts of attestation to expand your knowledge and deepen your insight. This module will prepare you for the application workshop and final assessment which is offered after completion of the e-learning. The theoretical concepts are presented in a learner-friendly way with diagrams and visuals blended with a voice-over narrator to guide and reinforce the learning points.

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The module, Certify Certificates of Origin – Trade with Success, has been developed in coordination with SACCI, for the Chambers of Commerce as a requirement to expand and deepen their knowledge and competence in attestation of Certificates of Origin.

Certificates of Origins facilitate trade and commerce worldwide and constitute one of the most important trade documents required to authenticate the origin of exported goods. The unique position of Chambers as the trusted agent in the issue of trade documents requires Chamber employees to be competent to uphold the highest standard when applying a stamp on international documents.

This e-learning module is presented in 3 units with the aim to expand your knowledge of Certificates of Origin and related concepts, such as the very important Rules of Origin. As attestation is a complex subject requiring a high degree of circumspection, careful consideration of all circumstances and possible consequences of actions, knowledge and insight are critical for successful performance. That is the reason why you need this training.

The e-learning will be complemented with an application workshop, especially focusing on the practical aspects of attestation as related to Chamber activities. After the workshop, you will complete your final assessment and if you are successful, receive your certificate of competence.


  • Unit 1: Role of Chambers of Commerce, the need for certification and Certificates of Origin
  • Unit 2: Source documents, including documentary evidence, Rules of Origin and application procedure
  • Unit 3: Certification procedure, document management and query resolution
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